Tropical Medicing Travel Doctor Perth

While it is important to check Australian government travel advice, it is also essential to get expert medical advice from a Perth Travel Doctor about things such as the right vaccinations for the countries Western Australian travellers are going to. Our Perth Travel Doctors are recommended by the Western Australian Health Department for the post treatment of Rabies. Without the correct vaccinations, Australian travellers are not permitted to return to Perth.  The East Perth Medical Centre Travel Doctors have all vaccinations and medical kits in stock such as:

  1. Anti-malaria preventative advice / prophylactics such as DEET treated mosquito nets, DEET sprays, etc.
    Travel Doctor Malaria vaccination Perth
  2. Gasto packs which contain antibiotics
  3. Drinking water sanitation packs.
  4. Preventative clotting socks.
  5. High altitude medications for mountain climbers.
  6. Specialised personal insect repellents
  7. Prophylactics against STD and some of the points above.