East Perth Medical Centre is a travel clinic and is  highly skilled and experienced with travel medicine. Our doctors specialise in travel medicine. East Perth is  affiliated with Travel Clinics Australia, a nationwide organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of travellers. We have the most up to date medical news from around the world and our doctors specialise in travel medicine.

All vaccinations are onsite and readily available at the time of your travel consultation.

There are a number of ways that you can significantly reduce risks of travel related illnesses and visiting a Travel doctor is a great place to start. The doctor will discuss recommended vaccinations for the area you are travelling to.

As everyone’s trip is different, the more we know about you and your travel plan, the more effective our travel advice will be. Many factors are discussed such as your general health, previous immunisations, which specific areas within a country you are going, what activities you are planning to undertake and how long is the trip.

However, not all diseases are vaccine preventable and vaccination does not always provide 100% protection. Travelling precautions need to be taken at all times. These include:

-Mosquito protection

– suitable first aid

– carry appropriate medications such as gastro kits

– Avoidance of animals in countries where rabies are present

– Smart eating and drinking when travelling

A range of travel related products available to help protect you from travel related illnesses. You can relax with knowledge that you have fully prepared yourself for your trip!

  • Pre-travel assessments
  • Travel information & advice
  • Onsite travel vaccinations in Perth
  • Travel products
  • Post-travel assessments
  • TB test in Perth (Mantoux Testing)
  • Post- rabies exposure treatment

We offer other services including corporate medicals, physiotherapy, ergonomic assessments, general practice and drug and alcohol testing.

Find the latest travel vaccine information by country.