My Recipe for Increased Bone Density in a Year



by Dianne Mavor  Physiotherapist

I realised I had lost a centrimetre in height in Feb 14 and looked at my Mum who seemed to be shrinking before my eyes. I thought maybe I am risk for osteoporosis so in MAY 2014 I had a bone density test.  This showed I had normal results for my lumbar spine but osteopenia (a higher risk for fracture) in my femoral head. My BMI remains between 20 to 21.  My GP recommended a calcium supplement but I was not keen.

As a physiotherapist I found Dr Snow’s research which had good results with 6 weight bearing exercises. She had her subjects go to exercise classes 3 times per week for 60 mins.  I decided to do the following 6 exercises with minimal reps and increased the weights over time.

See the following 6 exercises which I  still do 3 times per week and it takes me 10 to 15 mins each session.

The exercises are

  1. Squat – 20 reps
  2. Chair raises – 20 reps
  3. Rocking onto heels – 20 reps
  4. Step ups – 20 reps
  5. Lunges – 20 reps
  6. Jumps – 200



In addition I walk with a weighted belt every second night.

I started with 5kgs and now in 2017 have progressed to 12 kg.

It is very important to get a comfortable weighted vest or you just won’t use it. I initially had a very uncomfortable weighted vest and did not walk with it.  My new vest which does not go over my head is so easy to use.








In October 2015 I retested my bone density and my femoral neck reading had improved by 4.26%. My lumbar spine reading was  unchanged. This result was achieved with no supplements or change in diet.

I have continued to do these exercises and plan for a retest in October 2017.


Are you worried or what to know more about your bone density?

The exercises regime mentioned above worked for myself. A tailored program for you depends on factors such as your physical level and medical conditions.

Our doctors at East Perth Medical Centre will refer you for a bone density test and then to myself for an individualised exercise program.