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Hair  Follicle Drug testing is now available in

East Perth Medical Centre

On- site hair sample collection

Fail- proof

No false negatives – the process releases 100% of drugs from inside the hair

Over 6 months drug use detection


How it works?

Drugs ingested by a person circulate in the bloodstream. The blood nourishes the developing hair follicles and the drugs become entrapped in the core of the hair shaft in amounts proportional the rate of ingestion. These drug traces remain unchanged as it grows out from the head. Drugs in the hair are stable for a longer period of time creating a record of drug history compared to urine where the drug residues are excreted or flushed out of the system.

Better than urine testing?

Hair testing has 6 to 10 times higher detection rate compared to urine testing.

Hair testing is impossible to cheat as an individual’s hair records the history of long term and regular drug use. Bleaching, dying does not alter the final results. Extensive wash process to remove and account for external contaminants. It provides up 3- 6 months history of drug consumption and does not record ‘one off occasional use’.

Hair testing is fail- proof compared to urine testing where the employee could abstain from taking drugs before their pre- employment testing.

What kind of drugs are detected?


  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Oxymorphone
  • Codeine
  • Hydromorphone
  • 6-MAM (Heroin)
  • Hydrocodone


Phencyclidine (Pcp, angel dust)

Cocaine (also known as crack, rock, coke, freebase)

  • Cocaine Benzoyleccgonine
  • Cocaethylene
  • Norcocaine

Amphetamines & Methamphetamine

(also known as meth, ice, crystal meth, shards, whizz, goey, dexies, ecstasy, speed)

  • MDMA
  • MDEA (known as Eve)

What is expected during the appointment?

Patient needs to bring a photo ID to be verified by a collector. This can be a passport or driver’s licence. Credit cards will not be accepted. The attendance of employer/ legal representative from the company could be an alternative if photo ID is not obtained.

The appointment will take about 15 minutes. A hair sample will be taken with consideration so that there is no visible patch on the client’s head and the amount taken is the minimum required. There are also alternative sites if head hair is inadequate such as hair in the armpit, leg, arm or beard.