Our team of Perth general medical doctors (GPs), specialist travel doctors, nurses, a physiotherapist and admin staff are all dedicated in providing exceptional healthcare services and making your experience at the East Perth Medical Centre a pleasant one. We are a team of caring professionals with specialities including but not limited to, travel medicine including tropical medicine.

Our medical care is delivered by highly professional staff who all follow the same principles:

  • Exhibit compassion in patient care
  • Have respect for patients
  • Achieve excellence in medical services.

The East Perth Medical Centre staff members and medical services facilities are nationally accredited by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL).



Dr Nagree East Perth Medical Centre

Languages: Hindi and Swahili

Dr Vlodek Zawadzki East Perth Medical Centre

Languages: Polish and Russian

Dr Sakarapani East Perth Medical Centre

Languaes: Tamal


Doctor Alan at East Perth Medical Centre

Languages: Urdu, Hindi, Gurati, Bengal and Punjabi

Dr Janice Bell


                    Physiotherapist and Practice Manager

Dianne Mavor Physiotherapist





















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