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About Us

About Us

The East Perth Medical Centre was established in 1999 and has grown to become one of Perth’s leading health and travel centres. Conveniently located in East Perth, we provide a comprehensive range of medical services to both individuals and corporations.

Our success is built on the foundations of compassion, respect, and excellence. Working together, our staff take pride in providing a professional medical service in Perth to meet your needs, no matter how specialised they may be.

Travel Medicine
General Practice
Pre employment Medicals

Our regular training and an external accrediation program ensures your health services are being looked after in the most professional manner.

The East Perth Medical Centre is an AGPAL accredited practice and a registered Travel Clinics Australia provider.

Doctors and Physio

Our team of Perth general medical doctors (GPs), specialist travel doctors, nurses, a physiotherapist and admin staff are all dedicated in providing exceptional healthcare services and making your experience at the East Perth Medical Centre a pleasant one.
Travel products available

Travel products available

Travel products can be conveniently purchased onsite. We offer wide variety of travel products including first aid kits, mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, water straws, purification tablets, compression stockings and gastro packs. Find out more about available products by clicking the link below.

Our Blogs

Download the phone app for the Travel Clinics Australia
Click here to download the  TCA phone app Includes the medical travel booklet guide and allows you to record your vaccine record on your phone
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DEET- the gold standard of mosquito repellents
DEET repellents N,N-Diethyl-meta-toulamide or also known as DEET is a gold standard active ingredient in repellents for more than 60 years.  Millions of peo...
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Air pollution warning for travellers
  Air pollution warning to Travellers For cricket fans, you might have seen the fog in New Delhi in early December 2017. Smog in New Delhi stopped players du...
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Mantoux testing
Mantoux tuberculin testing is conducted to check if a person could be infected by TB bacteria. Where can I get it done? East Perth Medical Centre’s doctors a...
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Cleaning the ears
Cleaning the ears As a practice nurse, one of my jobs is to irrigate ears to rid of impacted earwax. I actually do find it interesting seeing what comes out ...
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Eggs linked to increase in food poisoning
Most of us eat eggs in a regular basis. It is an economical source of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, just like any other food it can be contaminated w...
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WA residents warned of mosquitoes
WA residents warned against mosquitos There will be more mosquitoes as the warmer weather comes in. Although it’s not truly spring weather yet with the lig...
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The bad flu season
Experts explain the reason behind the bad flu season in a recent article in ABC news The 2017 peak of flu season has gone. But why are there still people inf...
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Drug resistant super malaria
Recent reports of “Super Malaria” is spreading in Southeast Asia. It emerged in Cambodia and has spread to Thailand, Laos and now in Southern Vietnam. Dr...
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Travel products available

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